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CS5344:   Big Data Analytics Technology  


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We have three types of assignments in this course:

a)     Hadoop Labs are essentially hands-on mapreduce programming assignments. You will be “guided” with a series of programming labs to learn about mapreduce programming, i.e., how to write, compile and execute a (simple) mapreduce program. The labs will take you through an “analytic” task. At the end of the lab, you would have already completed an “analytic” task in Hadoop!

b)    Gradience assignments are supported by Gradiance, a software tool developed by Jeffrey Ullman from Stanford.  It is essentially a set of online MCQs that will be automatically graded. The goal here is help you to understand and revise what you learn in the lectures.

      You should sign up for a Gradiance account ASAP, and sign up for the course CS5344-AY2015/16 with the token given out in class. There will be a number of homeworks comprising numerous MCQ questions after every 2-3 lectures. Take note of the following:

·       Each question has 4-5 choices.

·       You can do the assignment as many times as you want (until the deadline). You are allowed to log in/out between attempts.

·       In Gradiance, for each question, there is a “bank” that stores a large set of choices – correct and wrong answers. In this way, you will not get the same set of choices in each attempt. So please do not pick arbitrary answers and hope that you can eventually find the right answers – you will be wasting a lot of time on that!  The goal is for you to work on the questions, and learn from your mistakes. I have turned on the “answer explanations” – when your answer is incorrect, there will be an explanation given to you why your answer is wrong or under what circumstances the answer will be right. Hopefully, you will learn and will not make the same mistakes again in subsequent attempts.

·       The maximum score of all attempts will be retained – this is the score that will be considered for each assignment. So, even if you have scored full marks already, you can still continue to work on the assignment to look at the different answer choices to see if you fully understand the concepts.

·       The final grading for each assignment is either 0 (even if you get 99% correct answers) or FULL MARK (when your score is perfect).

c)     Take-home assignments are “exam”-style questions but you are allowed to work from home!