Completed Research Projects

·  BestPeer

·         BestPeer 2.0: a peer-to-peer based data management system which supports both structured (BATON) and unstructured with supernodes overlays. It is a one-platform multi-structures p2p network that is able to support expansion-based routing in unstructured setting, and DHT-based exact and range-based routing in structured setting. It supports keyword, similarity and attribute based query retrieval. It is designed to provide enterprise-quality data processing capability in corporate networks. It uses JIT and approximate indexing to reduce maintenance cost. The system is built in lego block manner, and each main concept/component is tested on PlanetLab before it is incorporated into BestPeer. Related projects: S3(BestPeer 2.0), and BestPeer Pte Ltd



COMOS (COoperative and Self-tuning Management Of Streaming data) focuses on developing algorithms for streaming data. In particular, we emphasize on self-tuning management.


·  UNOdb

In UNOdb (UNcheatable Outsourced databases), we developed technologies for authenticating query results. We have developed methods for SPJ queries, aggregate queries, and spatial queries (window, range, knn).



GENESIS (GENomE Seqence Indexing and Searching) studies indexing techniques to speed up sequence and structure database searches.


·  StegFS



VIPER (VIsual Property-based search Engine for image Retrieval) studies mechanisms to effectively and efficiently retrieve images from a large image database. For the former, we have and are currently looking at novel image representation techniques. The latter addresses access methods to facilitate speedy retrieval of images. Technologies in this work has been both patented and transferred to Geofoto Pte Ltd!