National University of Singapore
Cloud Computing and Beyond - Teo Yong Meng
NUS School of Computing Summer School - 10 Aug 2017
Cloud computing has left the Gatner hype cycle for emerging technologies in 2016 and is increasingly adopted in industries. The objectives of this class are (i) a quick tutorial introduction to key principles, concepts and models in cloud computing (ii) research opportunities in cloud computing including an overview of our work in advancing the understanding of time, energy and cost performance of heterogeneous computing on the cloud, and the potential in exploiting low-power wimpy systems, and (ii) research opportunities in designing and deploying wide-scale geographically distributed Internet-of-Things applications using hybrid cloud-fog (edge) architecture. The class include a lab visit with demo on a range of low-power wimpy systems that we have developed.
time VCRm (Com1-02-13)
0900-1030 Cloud Computing, Y.M. Teo 
1030-1100 Tea Break
1100-1230 Data-parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Systems, D. Loghin
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1530 CELIA: Cost-time Performance of Elastic Applications on Cloud, S. Rathnayake
Lab Visit
1530-1600Tea Break
1600-1700 Beyond the Clouds, Y.M. Teo