Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

CP3109 Introduction to Cloud Computing

Hanoi Summer School 20 June 2012




L00: Overview

Cloud videos (Slide 13 watch at your own pace)


L01: Principles of Cloud Computing



L02: Cloud Architecture and Systems



L03: Programming the Cloud

       How to run examples?

       PI Programs: Serial, OpenMP, MPI

       Word Count Program: MapReduce

       Exercise: Convert color image to gray scale, image file


L04: Cloud Computing Demo

Amazon EC2 and S3

       Shows how to start instances

       Shows how to upload files to S3

       Connects to instances using SSH

       Download files from S3 to instances

       Run PI program on cloud serial, OpenMP, MPI, run with bigger problem size

SkyBoxz Federated Cloud

       Acquire cloud resource

       Connect to Dropbox to fetch files

       Run MapReduce/Hadoop word count program

(updated: 18 June 2012)




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