Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore
2004/2005 – Semester 1 (updated: 26 July 2004)

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The objective of this course is to provide students a working knowledge of computer performance evaluation and capacity planning.  It covers the three fundamental techniques that can be used to evaluate the performance of computer systems: measurement, simulation and mathematical modeling. The module is divided into four parts: introduction to performance analysis and capacity planning, measurement techniques and tools, analytic modeling techniques and case studies.

Topics include: performance analysis overview; measurement techniques and tools including workload characterization, instrumentation; computer simulation; analytical modeling techniques including operational analysis, stochastic queuing network analysis, performance of client-server architectures and analytical modeling of parallel programs, principles of scalable performance.


       Assoc Professor Teo Yong Meng, S14, Room #06-12, email: teoym AT comp.nus.edu.sg


Lecture: Thursday, 6.30pm, LT33

Consultation Hours: Thursday, 9-11am

Examination: 25 November, 7.30pm (tentative)

Modular Credits: 4





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