CS6205 Advanced Modeling and Simulation Techniques
1999/2000 Semester I
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    Dr Teo Yong Meng
    School of Computing
    National University of Singapore
    Room: S16 #04-07, Tel: 874-2830, email: teoym@comp.nus.edu.sg

Module Description
    As simulation is increasingly applied to more complex applications, exploiting efficiencies in model design and model execution becomes a challenging task. The aim of this course is to provide students with the ability to model, simulate and analyse complex systems in a reasonable time. This course is divided into three parts and covers advanced techniques in simulation model design, model execution and model analysis. A selection of model design techniques such as conceptual models, declarative models, functional models, constraint models, and multi-models will be discussed. Model execution techniques include discussion of serial and parallel discrete-event simulation algorithms. For model analysis, topics include input-output analysis, variance reduction techniques and experimental design.

    Some basic knowledge in statistics, good knowledge in programming (C, C++, Pascal), and some knowledge in parallel processing.

Course Material

or "Simulation Modeling & Analysis" by A. Law and D. Kelton, McGraw Hill Publishing Co., 1991

Lecture                 : Wednesday 1830-2030
Consultation hours      : Wednesday 5-6 pm and Friday 3-4 pm
Examination             : November 3, 1999, pm

    Students are expected to participate actively in the lectures by asking questions and taking part in discussions, i.e. you are expected to be both physically and "mentally" in the class. The course will include two homework assignments (including a simulator programming project), and a term paper based on reviewing a set of research articles (around 8-10). The homework assignments and term paper will be done collaboratively in groups of two students and you may work with whomever you prefer. The final examination will be closed book and will focus on the mastery of the basic material covered in the course.

Module Assessment

Active participation
Homework/programming assignments
Term paper
Final examination
Course Schedule/Slides (1999/2000 Semester 1)
Lecture Dates
HTML Slides
14 Jul Course Information/Administration
This page
21 Jul Introduction
Click here
28 Jul Concepts in Discrete-Event Simulation
Click here
4 Aug Components and Organization of Discrete-Event Simulation
Click here
11 Aug Serial Algorithms
Click here
18 Aug Parallel and Distributed Simulation Algorithms
Click here
25 Aug, 1 Sep Parallel Simulation using SPaDES/C++
Click here
15 Sep Input Data Modeling
Click here
22 Sep Verification and Validation Techniques
Click here
29 Sep Output Data Analysis
Click here
6 Oct Case Study Container Port Simulation
Click here
13 Oct, 20 Oct Model Design Techniques
Click here
  ** 8 September is semester break, and 27 October is the revision week
       CLICK here for Powerpoint lecture slides (for student reading module only)

Programming Assignment
Simulation of the Emergency Department of a Hospital using SPaDES/C++ (click here to download assignment)
-  design conceptual model by                 : August 25, 1999
-  develop and debug simulation by          : September 8, 1999
-  write report and submit assignment by : September 15, 1999
   (SPADES/C++ Parallel Simulation Library - click here for "User Guide""How to run SPaDES/C++ simulator?"and SPaDES/C++ (Additional Notes)).

Term Paper (click here to download topics and topic allocation)
- selection of topic by                         : August 25
- completion of literature search by     : September 15
- submit complete paper by                  : October 1
- presentation on                                 : October 8

List of Term Papers Submitted (click here)
Solution to Exercise

| instructor | module description | prerequisites | course material | lecture| consultation hours | examination |
 | workload | module assessment | course schedule/slides | programming assignment | term paper | related web sites |

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