Teo Yong Meng

Department of Computer Science

 National University of Singapore

(updated on 19 February 2016)

Research Interests

1.     parallel &distributed computing: cloud, bigdata, p2p

2.     modelling & simulation: composability, emergent properties

3.     performance evaluation


Research Grants

1.     On Understanding Elastic Algorithms for Cloud Computing, PI, R-252-000-601-112, Mar 2016 – Mar 2018.

2.     National Cybersecurity R&D Lab, Co-PI, NRF, Dec 2015 (3 years).

3.     Factoring Emergence in Simulation Modeling & Analysis, PI, R252-000-522-112, $61,657, Jul 2013 - Jun 2016.

4.     Design and Development of a Comprehensive IT Infrastructure for Data-intensive Applications and Analysis, Co-PI, NRF, $10m, 2012-2017.

5.     Modeling and Validation of Emergent Properties in Complex Systems, Principal Investigator, 251RES1114, $63,090, Dec 11 – Nov 14.

6.     Performance Analysis of Petascale Systems, Principal Investigator, Research Award, Sun Microsystems Inc., R-252-000-298-720/R252-000-298-592, $378,201+$9,500, Jan 07 – Jul 13.

7.     Live Process Relocation in Large Distributed Systems, PI, R-252-000-405-112, $48K, Sep 09 – Sep 12.

8.     Achieving High-Bandwidth Peer-to-Peer Data Transfers with Network Coding and the Right Incentives in Heterogeneous Networking Environments, Co-PI, AcRF Tier 2, 252-000-348-112, $812K, Apr 08 – Apr 11.

9.     A Testing and Verification System for Today’s Multicore and Tomorrow’s Multiprocessing Systems, Joint PI with Professor Alan Edelman (MIT), SMART Innovation Grant, R-252-000-425-731, US$100K, Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2010.

10.  DiRAM: Decentralized Market-based Resource Pricing and Allocation, Principal Investigator, ARF, R-252-000-339-112, $37K, Feb 08 – Jan 10.


11.  Fault-tolerant Consensus Problem in Ad hoc Distributed Systems, Principal Investigator, Academic Research Fund, R-252-000-247-112, $62K, Jan 06 – Dec 07.

12.  SGIP: Sensor Grid: Issues and Performance, Principal Investigator, Sun Microsystems Inc. and Singapore-MIT Alliance, R-382-000-001-592, $200K, Jan 05- June 06.

13.  Formalization of Self-Stabilization in Large Distributed Systems, Principal Investigator, Academic Research Fund, R-252-000-217-112, $16K, Jan 05 – Dec 06.

14.  Fault-Tolerant Consensus in Distributed Systems, Principal Investigator, Academic Research Fund, R-252-000-180-112, $26K, Jan 04 – Dec 05.

15.  A Framework for Large-Scale Grid-Enabled Distributed Simulation, Principal Investigator, Singapore-MIT Alliance Inter-University Research Grant, CS-2003-002, October 03 – Sep 05.

16.  Singapore National Grid Pilot Platform, Collaborator, 2003-2004.

17.  Performance Improvements of Web Servers, Principal Investigator, Fujitsu Computers (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Academic Research Fund, RP3991632, $143K, Jan 99 – Dec 02.

18.  Object and Data Management in Distributed Real-time Simulation, Collaborator, Academic Research Fund, 1998-2001, $158K.

19.  Parallel Simulation Tools and Applications (PaSTA), Principal Investigator, Ministry of Education and the Port of Singapore Authority and in collaboration with the High Performance Computing Group, Fujitsu (Japan), RP960715, $380K, Jul 97 – Jun 00.

20.  Multithreaded Superscalar Microprocessor, Principal Investigator, Joint Research with Processor Systems Research Department, Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Japan, Project-id: J5510, 1996-97.

21.  Advanced Parallel & Distributed Simulation, Principal Investigator, Research collaboration with High Performance Computing Group, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Japan, 1996-2000.

22.  Concurrent Functional Programming: Theory and Practice, Collaborator, European Commission, grant no. KIT-148 (3 years from October 1994). European collaborators are Oxford University, Imperial College (UK), Catholic University of Nijimegen (Netherlands), and Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), 1994-97.

23.  Mapping Programs onto a Massively Parallel Dataflow Computer, Principal Investigator, National University of Singapore, NUS Grant RP900629, 1991-93.

24.  State-of-the-Art Compiler for a Functional Language, Collaborator, National University of Singapore, NUS Grant RP900630, 1991-93.

25.  Performance Modelling of Complex Computers, Collaborator, National University of Singapore, NUS Grant RP610/86, 1986-87.


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