MFE5004: Computer Programming
2000/01 Semester I
Centre for Financial Engineering, NUS

     A/P Teo Yong Meng
     Room: S16 #04-07
     Department of Computer Science
     National University of Singapore
     Tel: 874 2830   e-mail:

     Clement Lo Shui Ping, Centre for Financial Engineering,
     Wang Haiguang, School of Computing,

Module Description
This module introduces computer programming using the object-oriented Java programming language.  Topics include overview of software engineering, Java basics covering primitive data types, operators, expressions, control structures, input and output; Java object-oriented programming objects, classes, methods, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

Modular Credits: 2 credits

Lecture :  Friday, 6.30-7.50pm (lecture), 7.50-8.10pm (break), 8.10-9.25pm (lecture)
Tutorial :  Friday, 9.30-10.30pm (tutorial/lab session)
Venues :  Lecture: LT19, Laboratory Session: CFE Lab

Module Assessment: 50% continuous assessment and 50% examination

Continuous Assessment

submission deadline
Test (15%)
click here
Make-up Test (15%)
click here
Assignment (35%)
7 November 2000
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                            Test To be conducted in one of the lab sessions and to be handed
                                                        in at the end of the session.  This is to be done individually.
                            Assignment Take home assignment to be done in a group of three or less.

Open-Book Examination: Sat., 11 November 2000    (1999/2000 Examination Answers)

Main Text: An Introduction to Java Programming, Que E&T Series in Programming and Development, Y. Liang, 2nd edition, 1999.
Software:  Borland JBuilder 3.0 IDE

Course Schedule   (Table of Contents for Lecture Slides)

29 Sep
6 Oct
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13 Oct
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20 Oct
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27 Oct
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      Note: Powerpoint slides are available to students reading module only.
                 For self-reading and references:
                    L#01 - Computers and Internet Technologies
                    L#08 - Java IDEs and Resources

        Group A Revision - 6.30-7.30pm, Tuesday, 7 November 2000
        Group B Revision - 6.30-7.30pm, Thursday, 9 November 2000

CFE Laboratory
The lab is booked for students taking MFE5004 for the following Saturdays from 1330-1700: 7 Oct, 14 Oct, 21 Oct, 28 Oct, and 4 Nov 2000.  The tutor, Mr Wang Haiguang, will be available at the lab from 1330-1500.

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