SMA5501 / MIT6.033 – Computer System Engineering

Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS)


Spring 2003 (updated: April 30, 2003)

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Topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems: techniques for controlling complexity; hard modularity; networks and distributed systems; atomicity and coordination of parallel activities; recovery and reliability; privacy of information; impact of computer systems on society. Case studies of working systems and outside reading in the current literature provide comparisons and contrasts. Two design projects.



Assoc Professor Teo Yong Meng

Professor Larry Rudolph

S16, Room #04-07

Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT

Department of Computer Science (NUS)


Email: teoym AT



Teaching Assistants

Ameya Virkar, Yu Bei

Chris Avrich

S16, Room #04-02A


Department of Computer Science (NUS)






Course Schedule:

§       Scheduled Lecture Video Sessions: Mon and Wed, 0900-1000

§       Recitation: Tue and Thu, 1030-1130 (Teo), 1130-1230 (Larry) [Daylight saving: 0930-1030(Teo), 1030-1130 (Larry)]

§       Tutorial: Tue and Thu

§       Laboratory Sessions   

§       Consultation hours: 1400-1500 - Wed (Teo), Thu (Yu)


Assessment (no examination):  

§       3 Quizzes (1/3) - Quiz 1 (10-11am, Sat, 8 March), Quiz 2 (10-11am, Sat., 19 April), Quiz 3 ((10-11am, Sat, 24 May)

§       2 Design Projects (1/3) – DP2: Design Review Presentation

§       active class participation and weekly assignment (1/3)



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