Systems Modelling and Simulation (updated: 3 June 2008)


        Worldwide Simulation Courses

        CS4230/CS6236 Parallel and Distributed Simulation Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

        CS545 Systems Modeling & Simulation, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

        131 Discrete Event Simulation, University of California, Berkeley, USA

        CS272 Advanced Discrete Event Simulation and Modeling Techniques, UCLA, USA

        2G1531 System Modeling and Simulation, KTH, Sweden

        CAP 4800/CAP 5805: Computer Simulation Concepts, University of Florida, USA



        Journals on Simulation

        Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory




        What is Simulation, P. Fishwick

        Computer Simulation: Growth through extension, P. Fishwick

        Asynchronous Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation, Y-B. Lin, P. Fishwick

        Parallel Discrete Event Simulation, CACM Oct. 1990, R. Fujimoto



        ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation

        The Society for Modeling and Simulation International

        The INFORMS Simulation Society

        The Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (United States Department of Defense)

        Simulation Software

        ORMS Today Simulation Software Survey

        Scalable Simulation Framework

        A Collection of Modeling and Simulation Resources on the Internet