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UTab: Unversal Table inspired storage system for

free-and-easy data publishing and sharing

Dancing With Your Tempo
Our Research Focus
Data Model
  We will exanmine the data prevalent in Web 2.0 applicaions and propose a data model and define operations that can be applied on such data.
Storage System
  The dataset is very sparse and the attributes are mainly text strings. We will propose strategies to partition and store the dataset which is adaptive in distributed enviornment.
The dataset is very sparse and each tuple has many nulls. We will design indexing mechanisms that are efficient for searching high-dimensional, text-based sparse datasets.
Query Processing
Query Processing based on the new storage design, partitioning and indexes has to be exanmined. Cost model and benchmarking will be conducted.
Buffer management and caching
We will look at the issues of collaborative caching since tuples stored in multiple nodes and their processing has to be synchronised.
Correctness Guarantees and Performance Modeling
  We will model the correctness and performance issues and study their impact on the system.





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