Academic Staff

Dr. Michael S. Brown

E-mail: brown@comp.

A/Prof. Leow Wee Kheng

E-mail: leowwk@comp.

Dr. Terence Sim

E-mail: tsim@comp.

Research Staff

Dr. Daniel Racoceanu Visiting Scientist,
Director (France) of IPAL Lab
Medical Image Analysis
E-mail: danielr@comp.

Dr. Chen Yan Research Fellow
Extreme Face Recognition
E-mail: dcscy@

Dr. Huang Chao-Hui Research Fellow
Medical Image Analysis
E-mail: huangch@comp.

Mr. Ding Feng Research Assistant
Medical Image Segmentation

Mr. Grani Research Assistant
Visual Interface for KNN tool / 3D Reconstruction with Projector & Camera

Mr. Jean-Romain Dalle Research Assistant
MMedWeb Multimedia Medical Conceptual Web for Intelligent Information Access
E-mail: jeanroma@comp.

Ms. Shamima Banu Research Assistant
Conformational Changes In Protein Interations
E-mail: shamima@comp.

Mr. Saurabh Garg Research Assistant
MMedWeb Multimedia Medical Conceptual Web for Intelligent Information Access
E-mail: saurabhg@comp.

Current Students

Cheng Yuan Ph.D.
Computer Vision
E-mail: cyuan@comp.

Deng Fanbo Ph.D.
Computational Photography
E-mail: dfanbo@comp.

Ding Feng Ph.D.
Segmentation of Bone Structures in X-ray Images
E-mail: dingfeng@comp.

Gao Junhong Ph.D.
Computational Photography
E-mail: junhong@comp.

Guo Dong Ph.D.
Face Recognition
E-mail: guodong@comp.

Ha Mai Lan Ph.D.
Computational Photography
E-mail: hamailan@comp.

Helga Mazyar M.Sc.
Lip Synchronization
E-mail: helga@comp.

Hossein Nejati Ph.D.
Face Recognition
E-mail: nejati@

Li Hao Ph.D.
Predictive Surgical Simulation for Cardiac Surgery
E-mail: lihao@comp.

Lin Haiting Ph.D.
Computational Photography
E-mail: linhait@comp.

Liu Shuaicheng Ph.D.
Computational Photography
E-mail: liu727@comp.

Lu Haiyun Ph.D.
Conformational Changes In Protein Interations
E-mail: luhaiyun@comp.

Lu Huanhuan M.Sc.
E-mail: luhuan@comp.

Lu Zheng Ph.D.
Imaging and Restoration Techniques for Historical Archives
E-mail: luzheng@comp.

Song Zhiyuan Ph.D.
Stabilization of Temporal Medical Image Sequence
E-mail: songzhiy@comp.

Wang Yumei Ph.D.
Motion Synthesis
E-mail: yumeiw@comp.

Yang Xin Ph.D.
Human Computer Interaction
E-mail: yangxin@comp.

Ye Ning Ph.D.
Face Modelling and Animation
E-mail: yening@comp.

Zhuo Shaojie Ph.D.
Computational Photography
E-mail: zhuoshao@comp.

Past Students/Staff

Zhang Xiaopeng Ph.D. 2009
Feng Jimin M.Sc. 2009
Li Jianran M.Sc. 2009
Tai Yu-Wing Ph.D. 2008
Ee Xianhe M.Sc. 2008
Research Assistant 2006 -- 2007
Qi Yingyi M.Sc. 2008
Research Assistant 2007 -- 2008
Miao Xiaoping Ph.D. 2008
Wang Ruixuan Ph.D. 2008
Leow Su Jun Research Assistant 2007
Yu Dan Research Fellow 2006 -- 2007
Rajkumar Janakiraman M.Sc. 2005
Research Assistant 2007
Xing Dongfeng Research Assistant 2007
Zhang Sheng Ph.D. 2007
Lu Haiyun Research Assistant
Lim Sher Ee, Dennis Research Assistant 2007
Chen Ying M.Sc. 2005
Research Assistant 2005 -- 2006
Guo Jugui M.Sc. 2004
Huang Xiaoyu M.Sc. 2004
Margarita Carmen S. Paterno M.Sc. 2004
Yin Jun M.Sc. 2004
Indriyati Atmosukarto M.Sc. 2001
Research Assistant 2002 -- 2003
Ivo Widjaja M.Sc. 2003
Chan Wai Keong M.Sc. 2002
Li Rui M.Sc. 2002
Long Huizhong Ph.D. 2002
Low Kian Hsiang M.Sc. 2002
Tian Tai Peng M.Sc. 2002
Zhang Qingjun M.Sc. 2002
Handoko Setyawan M.Sc. 2001
Tang Mengting M.Sc. 2001
Zhou Luping M.Sc. 2001
Terence Tay Han Boon M.Sc. 2000
Wong Swee Seong M.Sc. 2000
Zhang Yong M.Sc. 2000
Lai Seow Yong M.Sc. 1998
Zhang Nan M.Sc. 1997