Lab Facilities

VIP Studio
Media Labs

Visually Immersive Project Studio

Under construction

Teaching labs for running lab sessions of media courses. Students can also use them for their media projects.

Installed softwares include:
Maya, MatchMover, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Aftereffects, and etc..

Media Equipments

Motion Capture System
The cutting edge motion capture system that utilize infrared camera array and reflection markers to capture your body motion, even your face movement in real time!
Location: Sensor Lab
3D Scanner
With this non-contact 3D laser scanner, one can easily generate a 3D model from a real object.
Location: VIP Studio
Phantom Haptic Device
Let you touch and manipulate a virtual object.
Location: VIP Studio
PTZ Camera
well... it's vision, isn't it?
3D Scene Digitizer
A 3D laser scanner that can create 3D models for the whole scene.
A professional setup to help move your camera around the scene stably and smoothly.
Lighting and Blue Screen
A must for serious footage shooting to create special effects.