General Info

I am currently a Ph.D candidate in School of Computing, National University of Singapore. I was pleased to join the database research group in August 2011 and is supervised by Professor Beng Chin Ooi.

I obtained my BSc from Department of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 2011.


As a member of NUS Database Research Group, I am interested in solving database problem in large data scale. My work mainly focus on log-structured system, especially in indexing, query processing and data management.


LogBase: Scalable Log-structured Database

I joined the LogBase project in August 2011 as I became the student of Prof. Ooi and this is the first project I worked on. The LogBase project aims to develop a scalable log-structured database that supports very high write throughput in addtion to other functionalities including dynamic scalability, multi-version data access, transactional semantics for bundled read and write operations, and fast recovery from machine failures.

epiC: Elastic Power-aware data Intensive Cloud

I joined the epiC project in November 2011. The epiC project aims to build an elastic, power-aware, data-intensive cloud computing platform for large-scale services, supporting high throughout low latency transactions and high performance reliable query processing. It is to bridge the performance gap between data intensive analytical jobs and online-transactions.


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