Assistant Professor
Computer Science
School of Computing
National University of Singapore

Email: wangwei At comp.nus.edu.sg
Tel: (65) 6601 3785
Office: COM2 Building, #04-09, 15 Computing Drive, Singapore 117418

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS). I got my B.S. from Renmin University of China in 2011 and PhD from NUS in 2017. My research interests include deep learning systems and applications for multimedia data. I am currently working on (distributed) deep learning system optimization and multi-modal data analysis for image retrieval.

Research Opportunities

For PhD students: I am looking for PhD students to collaborate on deep learning related research problems, including deep learning systems and applications.

For research assistants: I am looking for research assistants. The positions are available from September.

For research fellows: I am looking for a research fellow. The position is available immediately but the start date is flexible.

For NUS undergraduates: I welcome NUS undergraduates to do final-year thesis projects (FYP) with me.

Please send me an email with your CV and transcripts to apply.

Recent News


  • K. Zheng, W. Wang, J. Gao, K.Y. Ngiam, B.C. Ooi and W.L.J. Yip: Capturing Feature-Level Irregularity in Disease Progression Modeling. CIKM 2017 (accepted).

  • X. Ji, W. Wang, M. Zhang, Y. Yang: Cross-Domain Image Retrieval with Attention Modeling. ACM Multimedia 2017 (accepted).

  • W. Wang et al: Deep Learning at Scale and At Ease. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications(TOMM) - Special Section on Best Papers of ACM Multimedia 2015, Volume 12 Issue 4s, November 2016.

  • W. Wang, M. Zhang, G. Chen, H.V. Jagadish, B. C. Ooi, K.L. Tan: Database Meets Deep Learning: Challenges and Opportunities. ACM SIGMOD Record, 2016.

  • W. Wang, G. Chen, T. T. A. Dinh, J. Gao, B. C. Ooi, K.-L.Tan, S. Wang. SINGA: Putting Deep Learning in the Hands of Multimedia Users. ACM Multimedia 2015. Best paper candidate, slides.

  • B. C. Ooi, K.-L. Tan, S. Wang, W. Wang, G. Chen, J. Gao, Z. Luo, A.K.H. Tung, Y. Wang, Z. Xie, M. Zhang, K. Zheng: SINGA: A Distributed Deep Learning Platform. ACM Multimedia (Open Source Software Competition) 2015, project.

  • W. Wang, X. Yang, B. C. Ooi, D. Zhang, and Y. Zhuang. Effective Deep Learning Based Multi-Modal Retrieval.VLDB Journal - Special issue of VLDB’14 best papers, 2015, code.

  • W. Wang, B. C. Ooi, X. Yang, D. Zhang, and Y. Zhuang. Effective multi-modal retrieval based on stacked autoencoders. In VLDB 2014. Best paper candidate, project.

  • Y. Zhuang, Z. Yu, W. Wang, F. Wu, S. Tang, and J. Shao. Cross-media hashing with neural networks. International Conference on Multimedia (MM) 2014 (short paper).

  • Y. Chen, W. Wang, X. Du, and X. Zhou. Continuously monitoring the correlations of massive discrete streams. In CIKM, pages 1571-1576, 2011 (short paper).


  • Singa. Apache incubator project for developing a distributed deep learning system.
  • Foodlg. A health tracking and analysis App based on deep learning.

Professional Activities

  • Program Committee member of VLDB 2018
  • Program Committee member of DASFFA 2017
  • Program Committee member of ACM Multimedia 2015