Open Position for Full-time Research Fellow


The National University of Singapore invites applications for the position of Research
Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing (SoC). SoC is strongly
committed to research excellence in all its dimensions: Searching for fundamental results and
insights, developing novel computational solutions to a wide range of applications, building large-
scale experimental systems and improving the well being of society. We seek to play an active role
both internationally and locally in the core and emerging areas of Computer Science and Information

The Research Fellow will be responsible for working closely with the Principal Investigator and lab
members on one or more projects. One research topic is on optimizing the memory and speed of
the training and inference of large deep learning models. Approaches from the system and theory
perspectives would be investigated. He/she should possess experience or interest in at least one of
the following research areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (especially deep learning)
  • Database (on memory and efficiency optimization)
  • Distributed systems/cloud computing

Job requirements:

  • A PhD degree in a relevant area;
  • Experience in research/development of deep learning models and distributed systems
  • Strong C++ and Python programming skills

Interested applicants should email a CV (and project links, e.g. github repo) to