stephcut.jpgStephanie Wehner

Dean's Chair Associate Professor

School of Computing

National University of Singapore


Principal Investigator

Centre for Quantum Technologies

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Block S15, 3 Science Drive 2

Singapore, 117543


Office: CQT, 04-06

Phone: +65 6601 1478

Fax: +65 6516 6897 (Attn: Stephanie Wehner)

Email: wehner at comp dot nus dot edu /dot sg


Latest news

Together with the group of Alex Ling we were awarded an NRF CRP grant to develop quantum networks in space!

Nguyen Truong Duy wins NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher award - congratulations Duy.

We were awarded a large Tier 3A grant by Singapore’s Ministry of Education.

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Recent professional activities

Co-Founder and Steering Committee QCRYPT 2011, 2012 (chair), 2013, 2014

Steering Committee QIP 2013-2016

Program Committee QIP (2010, 2012), AQIS (2010,2011,2012,2013,2014), ICITS (2012,2013)

Organizer QCRYPT 2012, Workshop on Cryptography from Storage Imperfections 2010

[see my group website for upcoming events and activities]


Recent selected publications

All publications [pdf] (Sept 2013). For up to date information check my arXiv author page.

Quantum to classical randomness extractors [abstract]

M. Berta, O. Fawzi and S. Wehner

Proceedings of Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2012


The uncertainty principle determines the non-locality of quantum mechanics [abstract] 

J. Oppenheim and S. Wehner

Science, vol 330, no 6007, pp. 1072-1074 (2010)


Experimental implementation of bit commitment in the noisy-storage model [abstract]

N. Ng, S. Joshi, C. Chia, C. Kurtsiefer and S. Wehner

Nature Communications 3, 1326 (2012)




Fall 2013

CS3236 Introduction to Information Theory

QT5201H Mathematical Horizons of Quantum Physics, Project coordinator

Fall 2012

CS3236 Introduction to Information Theory

Spring 2012                            

CS6209 Topics in Cryptography

QT5198 Seminar on Quantum Information

Special term 2010/2011

CS3235 Computer Security

Fall 2010

SP2171 Discovering Science


Current students


Tanvirul Islam (NUS Computer Science)

Jed Kaniewski (NUS Physics)

Nelly Ng (NUS Physics, RA)

Corsin Pfister (NUS Physics)



Simon Lin (NUS Computer Science)


            Past students


Adrian Hutter – now PhD Student at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Thesis: Understanding thermalization from decoupling (2011) [pdf]


Nelly Ng (awards) – now PhD Student

Thesis: Practical quantum cryptography: demonstration of secure commitments in the noisy storage model (2012) [pdf]

(won Shell Petroleum Gold Medal and Koh Boon Hwee Scholar award)


Corsin Pfister – now PhD Student

Thesis: One simple postulate implies that every polytopic state space is classical (2012) [pdf]



Nguyen Truong Duy (NUS Maths and Computer Science)

(won Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize 2013, NUS)


Joint supervision (Caltech, PhD)

Prabha Mandayam  - now  post-doctoral researcher at IMS, Chennai

Greg Ver Steeg – now researcher at University of Southern California


Interns (non-NUS)

Morteza Noshad, Srijita Kundu, Cristina Cirstoiu, Robin Schmucker, Stephen Diadamo, Atul Mantri, Brandon Sorg, Deepthi Gopal


Past activities

Brief personal history