Submission Instructions

Papers must be submitted in PDF via EasyChair. Papers must follow the LNCS format, and are limited to 5 pages (excluding references). The authors may submit an appendix with additional results.

Submission Deadline: 30th May 2017

FAT-SG is considered a nonarchival venue and there are no published proceedings,  though informal proceedings will be distributed to all workshop participants. This means that publishing a paper in FAT-SG should not prevent one from submitting  it to a conference or a journal at the same or later time. The requirement to use  the LNCS format is imposed to ensure uniformity.

Aims and Focus

We wish to foster discussion on the following issues

  • Fairness, accountability and transparency of machine learning/AI systems
  • Ethical use of machine learning/AI systems
on the topics of
  • Data Science
  • Finance
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Ethics