Message from the Dean

Prof Mohan Kankanhalli
Provost's Chair Professor of Computer Science


Welcome to NUS School of Computing (NUS Computing) – an intellectual hub that will help you discover, grow, innovate and bring your ideas to fruition!

NUS Computing is more than a school which offers a plethora of computing programmes. It is also about talented people – our internationally acclaimed faculty are inspiring teachers and researchers while our students shine in their leadership, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Five decades ago, we began as a small Computer Centre offering programming courses to selected students, but grew into a full-fledged school in 1998. In Singapore, we were the first to educate computing graduates, and we continue to be the largest source of top-notch computing professionals today. We are well respected as one of the top computing schools in the world and our highly sought-after graduates are a testament to our success. With our teaching and research innovations, we will continue to play a vital role in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. NUS Computing relentlessly strives to make the world a better place through innovations in computing.

My team and I work hand-in-hand with our faculty, staff, students and alumni to advance our academic and research distinction, as well as to enhance student experience. These efforts are reflected in the web pages that you are now browsing. As you learn more about NUS Computing, I invite you to engage with us to shape a better future for Singapore and the world.