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Competition heats up for IT-trained graduates

08 June 2014 Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media


OVER the past decade, tech giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have given the information technology (IT) sector a sexy facelift that is luring more students and graduates to the industry. Graduates of some IT-related courses at NUS earned a median monthly pay of $3,000 to $3,400 last year, compared with $2,880 to $3,300 in 2012.

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Who's teaching the next Zuckerberg: an interview with computer science Prof. Ben Leong

06 June 2014 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


Computer Science Prof. Ben Leong shares what he sees as the possibilities for computing, why computer scientists need to reach across academic aisles, and how true failure in life doesn’t happen when we fall down, but when we give up entirely.

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Retro is one of the most beautiful Instagram iPad viewers

26 May 2014 Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media

 A Singaporean startup called Tiny Whale has retooled its Instagram iPad viewer Retro, which is designed by Computer Engineering alumnus Louis Nguyen. The new version of the app is named one of the best viewers for casual browsers and Instagram power users (including people who use it for marketing) alike.

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X-Men visual effects had Singaporean touch

22 May 2014 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media


Visual effects artist and Computer Science alumnus Skeel Lee was part of the eight-member team at international visual effects company Moving Picture Company's branch in Montreal, Canada, which was responsible for the computer-generated portals seen in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

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Current gaming trends

12 May 2014 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


Dr. Anand Bhojan, who teaches Game Development at NUS Computing, explains how recent advancements in mobile device technologies, app stores, social networks and freemium business models have resulted in drastic shifts in the gaming industry.

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NUS goes big on online courses

04 May 2014 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


NUS is forging ahead to boost efforts in online learning as part of its plans to extend its flipped classroom approach. Fourteen more online courses, ranging from modules in engineering and business to literature and computing, will be introduced for NUS undergraduates, up from the current two. Assistant Professor Ben Leong of the Department of Computer Science says that the tactic of gamification- turning tasks into missions and quests, complete with scores, to engage students online.

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NUS start-up Zopim acquired by US' Zendesk

22 April 2014 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media


NUS Enterprise incubatee, Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd, a leading provider of live chat software, has been acquired by Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service software solution provider, for US$29.8 million (S$37.3 million), as cited in various media reports. Computer Engineering alumnus Wu Wenxiang was one of Zopim's founders.

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Be the master of the game

07 April 2014 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media


NUS Computing offers a wide range of courses covering both the design and development aspects of gaming. Students will get insights into all phases of game development. Students can specialise in 3D modelling and animation, game development, digital media production, computer vision and pattern recognition, graphics rendering techniques, digital special effects, networked and mobile gaming, general-purpose computation on Graphics Processing Unit, advanced computer animation, game design and projects on game design and development.

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Makan Kaki is a new meetup schedulling app that you might fall in love with

25 March 2014 Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media


Makan Kaki, which is loosely translated to dining buddies, is a simple appointment scheduling application which also comes with a venue recommendation system. The idea behind it is this: if you and your friends are unable to arrive at a conclusion on where to dine, Makan Kaki recommends you some of the top gathering and dining places in Singapore.

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Adding coding to the curriculum

23 March 2014 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


In an interview with The New York Times, Prof. Min-Yen Kan said that Singapore, like other countries, was planning to introduce coding to schoolchildren. He said that even in such a technology-friendly society, the field’s image was improving only slowly.

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Quantum physics secures new cryptography scheme

12 March 2014 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


An international team has demonstrated a form of quantum cryptography that can protect people doing business with others they may not know or trust – a situation encountered often on the internet and in everyday life, for example at a bank's ATM. "Having quantum cryptography to hand is a realistic prospect, I think. I expect that quantum technologies will gradually become integrated with existing devices such as smartphones, allowing us to do things like identify ourselves securely or generate encryption keys," says Stephanie Wehner, a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) at the National University of Singapore, and co-author on the paper.

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NUS-Microsoft tie-up to boost start-ups

08 March 2014 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


NUS Computing and Microsoft inked a pact called Microsoft College Startup which will allow business-minded computing students to get a helping hand from the tech giant in fast-tracking their innovation and ideas into startups.

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Election 2014: Modi, Kejriwal, Rahul's report cards on Twitter

05 March 2014 Department of Computer Science , News Media , NExT


NExT Search Centre gathered data from micro-blogging site Twitter and found that in the race for the position of Prime Minister of India, while Modi grabbed the first place, AAP chief and Congress Vice President managed to get the second and third position respectively in the poll.

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Image recognition startup ViSenze gets $3.5M from Rakuten Ventures

18 February 2014 Department of Computer Science , News Media , NExT


ViSenze, a spin-off company of NExt Search Center, has announced that it received a $3.5 million Series A led by Rakuten Ventures (the company’s venture capital arm).

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NUS collaborates with Japanese infocomm company Fuji Xerox on research projects

27 January 2014 Department of Computer Science , News Media , NExT


Researchers and students from NUS are working with Japan's Fuji Xerox to make it easier for people to access online files on the go. This is one of the areas that teams from both sides will look into, after two pacts were signed in July and October last year between NUS Computing and the Interactive and Digital Media Institute at NUS, and Fuji Xerox's Incubation Centre of Research and Technology Group in Japan. Computing students from NUS will also be participating in research internships with Fuji Xerox.

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Computing students win cyber defence contest

23 December 2013 Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media


Two NUS Computing undergraduates - Dai Zhongmin (Year 3) and Koh Jun Xiang (Year 1) – with their friend Sayed Hamzah from the School of Computer Engineering (Year 1), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), beat 17 other teams in the University/Polytechnic category to emerge champions in the three-day Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2013.

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Skilled specialists will be most sought after in '14

13 December 2013 Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media


in 2014, those with specialist skills such as digital marketers, data analysts and IT specialists will be the most sought after by employers in Singapore, more than in any other country in the region. Benjamin Leong, assistant professor at NUS Computing said demand for good data analysts is high because excelling at big data is hard, mainly because it involves the integration of both business and technology; few are well equipped with both skills.

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Singapore start-up winning the numbers game

23 November 2013 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media


Semantics3 is a price data company run by five fresh graduates from NUS, including Computer Engineering alumni. It indexes online retailers’ prices and provides data on historical prices that helps retailers determine their pricing strategies.

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NUS is back with STePS

14 November 2013 Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media


For the 3rd time, the School of Computing is organising the STePS project showcase, where students showcase to the rest of the school and the industry as well, many of their cool projects.

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ViSenze's mission is to make sense of the visual web

13 November 2013 Department of Computer Science , News Media , NExT


ViSenze is a startup that srpung from the NExT Research Centre and is a collaboration between the National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University of China. It is seeking to help both users and businesses make sense of an increasingly visual online world. Founded in 2012, ViSenze has a mission to unlock the intelligence captured in any rich visual content using sophisticated visual recognition technology and visual driven analytics.

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