A web based, bring-your-own-device, in-class interaction tool. Instructor can post various types of question (open-ended, MCQ, ranking, point-and-click, drawing, voting etc) and get instantaneous collation from students attempts.

Developers: Soo Yuen Jien and Liu Weiyuan (

coursemology 000 Coursemology

A platform to turn course exercises into an online game. This gamification platform can support any course subjects.

Developer: Ben Leong

codecrunch 000


Administer programming assignments. Main capabilities includes deployment of question package, accept student submissions and automarking.

Developers: Tan Sun Teck , Tan Tuck Choy, Aaron



A series of configurable visualization for data structures and algorithms, from simple sorting algorithms to complex graph data structures.

Developer: Steven Halim


PowerPoint Labs

PowerPointLabs is a productivity add-in for PowerPoint that helps users create more visual and more dynamic slides with less effort.

Developer: Damith Rajapakse



Readpeer is a social document annotation system that allow users to make annotations on documents and share it with their friends on social network.

Developer: Anthony Tung


Step By Step - C

Web based visualization tool for C novice programmer. The tool accepts user C program and illustrate the memory content after every execution step. Support all basic control flow construct, function, array and pointers.

Developers: Soo Yuen Jien and Tham Mingxiang (


Student Submission Integrity Diagnosis

An open-source system for source code plagiarism detection and subsequent workflow / visualization. Software: WebLink GitHubLink

Developer: Kan Min-Yen




Online System for managing various feedback paths in a class, such as peer evaluation, peer/instructor feedback for presentation and student feedbacks for instructor.

Developer: Damith Rajapakse