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The “Digital Transformation, Platforms, and Innovation” research theme examines the interplay of people, technology, and organizational practices that fosters digital transformation and innovation. While information technology (IT) has traditionally occupied a supporting role for organizations, new business models are emerging that have digital components embedded into their value proposition. The economic and societal shift towards this digital paradigm is referred to as “digitalization”. In this regard, digital platforms have emerged as a major organizational form in various industries including hospitality (e.g., Airbnb), social media (e.g., Facebook), transport (e.g., Uber) and software (e.g., Apple App Store). Additionally, organizational innovation of new services and products is also enabled by platforms for crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, open data, and open innovation. Companies can seize opportunities from these new ways of doing business, but the disruptive forces of digitalization also pose enormous threats for firms. Thus, the overall objectives of DISA research under this theme are to develop and test models and frameworks that improve our understanding and provide key insights to practitioners on how to manage and design digitalization efforts as well as digital platforms for innovation.


Bernard TAN TEO Hock Hai WEI Kwok Kee Atreyi KANKANHALLI Jack JIANG HAHN Jungpil GOH Khim Yong TAN Chuan Hoo CHEN Nan Stanley KOK JIN Chen
PHAN Tuan Quang OH Lih Bin TAN Wee Kek OH Hyelim UM Sungyong HENG Cheng Suang HUANG Ke-Wei Isam FAIK LIM Shi Ying QIAO Dandan ZHAI Yingda



  • GOH Khim Yong, “Quantifying the Economic Value of Live Streaming Applications: A Machine Learning and Econometric Approach”, Institute of Data Science Grant
  • HAHN Jungpil, “A Deep Understanding of Creator-Generated Contents in Crowdfunding: A Multi-Method Approach”, Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant
  • HENG Cheng Suang, “An Investigation on IT Entrepreneurship, Government Support and the new Digital Economy”, Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant
  • JIN Chen, “Strategies of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Service Sector in the Age of Omnichannel”, NUS Start Up Grant
  • LIM Shi Ying, “Entrepreneurial Design and Strategy of Digital Health Businesses”, NUS Start Up Grant
  • QIAO Dandan, “Financial Incentives and Online Pro-social Contributions: Identifying and Mitigating the Crowding-out Effects”, NUS Start Up Grant
  • TAN Chuan Hoo, “Open Source Software Project and its Community of Projects and People: Implications on Innovation Performance”, NUS Start Up Grant
  • TAN Chuan Hoo, “IT and Innovation: An Investigation of Small and Medium Enterprises”, Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant
  • TEO Hock Hai, “Research on Innovating in a Digital Economy (RIDE)”, SSR Thematic Grant
  • UM Sungyong, “The Co-Evolution of Digital Ecoystems”, NUS Start Up Grant
  • WEI Kwok Kee, “User Creativity in Crowdsourcing Community: The Effects of Intrinsic Motivation, Creative Self-efficacy and Task Characteristics”, NUS Start Up Grant
  • WEI Kwok Kee, “Leveraging Leadership for Enterprise System Use: The Role of Regulatory Focus”, Ministry of Education Tier 2 Grant
  • ZHAI Yingda, “Efficient Pricing and Information Design of Digital Economies”, NUS Start Up Grant

 Selected Publications

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