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The way in which the digitization of the finance industry is transforming access to finance for individuals, start-ups, SMEs or social enterprises – for example, through online platforms for crowdfunding, marketplace (peer-to-peer) lending, and third-party payment systems – has already gained prominence and attention. New regulations, changing customer expectations, and rapid advances in technology increasingly put pressures on financial services companies to digitally transform. However, our knowledge of what the digitized forms of finance are, or how they are functioning, substituting or complementing existing financial services, is sparse. There is a growing need, and a call from academics, policymakers, regulators and industry alike, to underpin these shifts with fundamental knowledge. This research theme has faculty experts working with a network of industry players and public sector organizations to address the challenges due to such technological disruption of the financial industry.


GOH Khim Yong HAHN Jungpil HUANG Ke-Wei PHAN Tuan Quang Keith Barrett CARTER Isam FAIK CHEN Nan JIN Chen Shalinda ADIKARI


  • HAHN Jungpil, “A Deep Understanding of Creator-Generated Contents in Crowdfunding: A Multi-Method Approach”, Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant
  • HAHN Jungpil, “Unpacking the Secrets of Crowdfunding Success: Project Design and Platform Competition”, Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant
  • PHAN Tuan Quang, “Assisted and Automated Unsecured Lending”, AI Singapore Grant

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