Business transactions and social interactions occurring on digital platforms are rapidly gaining importance in the digital economy. Indeed, business operations and social interactions can no longer function independently from digital platforms. The growth of these platforms is fueled by advances in Internet technology, social media, mobile and ubiquitous computing technologies, to name a few. Yet, the increased pervasiveness of digital platforms has brought on new challenges for corporations, regulatory bodies, and the public at large on how to embrace and manage them.

This research group focuses on creating knowledge and generating insights along three main directions in this area. First, is the research on digital technology design and evaluation for businesses to enhance their activities by leveraging such technology. Second, is the research on how organizations can expand their social networks and strengthen their relationships with connected individuals and interest groups to create value from social media. The third stream of research examines the antecedents and consequences of information privacy as communications and interactions are recorded on social media. The group’s end goal is to inform policy makers, corporations, and the society at large on the role that the various social media technologies can play in advancing commercial and social worlds.