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Kuldeep S. MEEL

NUS Presidential Young Professor

  • Ph.D. (Computer Science, Rice University, Sep 2017)
  • M.S. (Computer Science, Rice University, May 2014)
  • B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Aug 2012)

Dr. Kuldeep Meel is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in School of Computing at the National University of Singapore. He received his Ph.D. (2017) and M.S. (2014) degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Formal Methods) from Rice University. He holds B. Tech. (with Honors) degree (2012) in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Dr. Meel's research interests lie at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Formal Methods. The broader goal of his research is to advance artificial intelligence techniques, which utilize ubiquity of data and formal methods, to enable computing to deal with increasingly uncertain real-world environments. Besides his primary research program, Meel has worked on other applications of data science and constrained reasoning including interpretable classification rules, hardware verification, validation of distributed synchronization protocol, automatic data layout generation, program synthesis, and probabilistic programming. Dr. Meel has co-presented tutorials at top-tier AI conferences, UAI 2016 and AAAI 2017. His work received the 2014 Outstanding Masters Thesis Award from Vienna Center of Logic and Algorithms and Best Student Paper Award at CP 2015. He received the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship and the Lodieska Stockbridge Vaughn Fellowship for his work on constrained sampling and counting.


  • Constrained Counting and Sampling

  • Verification of AI Systems

  • Interpretable Decision Making

  • Probabilistic Reasoning

  • SAT

  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning





  • Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJCAI, 2017.
  • Proceedings of AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence AAAI, 2017.
  • Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJCAI, 2016.
  • Best Student Paper Award
  • Proceedings of AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence AAAI, 2014.


  • Lodieska Stockbridge Vaughn Fellowship (2016-17), awarded to up to five students university wide whose record at Rice shows evidence of outstanding achievement and promise.

  • IBM PhD Fellowship (2016-17)

  • 2014 Outstanding Masters Thesis Award from the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms

  • Best Student Paper Award, 21st International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP-2015)

  • Andrew Ladd Memorial Excellence in Computer Science Fellowship (2013-14)

  • Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2015 Invitee


Knowledge Representation and Reasoning