Click here for Tutorial Sign-Up. Please refer to the Main Page for timing details.

You can register via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

To register your modules, you would need:
- NUSNET Password

What is Tutorial Sign-Up (Swapping / Request / Change System)?
Tutorial Swapping is available for you to swap your tutorials, recitations or laboratories slots.
You can also apply to your lecturer about joining a particular classes, subject to approval (only when swapping is not possible).

How do I swap my group?
Suppose you are allocated CS1000 Tutorial Group 09, and decided later to swap to Groups 01/02/03 (same timing) or Groups 04/05/06 (same timing), then you just indicate your intention on the Tutorial Swapping/Change/Request System. There is no need for you to find a partner to swap with (unlike the previous semester). The swap will be effected if a match is found in the system (someone with Group 01/02/03/04/05/06 who wants to go to Group 09). Otherwise, you will queue up in the system, and the swap effected when a matching request is found at a later time.

An email will be sent to your NUSNET account if a matching request is found and the swap request effected.

What kind of time slots can I swap?
You can swap any time slots as long as they are of the same kind, i.e. tutorials with tutorials, labs with labs, and recitations with recitations.

Can I request directly to the lecturer to join certain groups?
This should only be used as a last resort, when swap request is not possible. Again, you choose a set of groups that you intend to join (please make sure that there is no timetable clash). You need to state the reasons for making the request. Note that the lecturer can either approve or reject your request. So you are advised not to use this request to bypass the tutorial bidding/balloting process.

When can I use the swapping and request feature?
The swapping facility will be available after the first balloting. As for the request feature, it will only be available near the end of tutorial registration.