Overview of Programme

Information Systems focuses on designing, implementing and managing Information Technology (IT) and application to improve business performance. Economics focuses on the behaviour and interactions of different types of economic agents (consumers, workers, firms, government, etc.), and how economies work. They are complementary disciplines that build on each other, but with different foci (namely, a technology focus vs. a focus on the whole society).

The DDP in Information Systems and Economics aims to produce students who can design, interpret, analyse, and implement economic models in depth.

The DDP programme enables students to attain, by the time of graduation:

  • Strong knowledge of computing and economics foundations and fundamentals, including:
    1. in-depth knowledge of programming principles,
    2. high and broad understanding of the application of IT in various industrial domains, and
    3. in-depth understanding of data management to make inferences on economic decisions affecting economic growth and development in Singapore.
  • An ability to function effectively in teams to accomplish a common goal.
  • An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities of IT and economics professionals.
  • An ability to analyse the local and global impact of IT on individuals, organisations, society and global economic ecosystem.
  • Recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in continuous professional development


Admissions (Direct and In-progress) 

Students will be admitted to the double degree programme only if they meet the requirements of both the School of Computing and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A Programme Committee comprising staff members from both faculties will review the student applications. Admission is on competitive basis and on academic merits.

Students may be admitted to the programme in one of three ways:
a. By direct application from Junior College, Polytechnic or other pre-universities/institutions.
b. By application during their first year of study in the School of Computing.
c. By application during their first year of study in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 


Exit from Double Degree Programme

Students can choose to leave the programme or can be required to leave it if they fail to meet the continuation requirements. Students who choose to leave the double honours degree programme are permitted to work for a single degree in either one of the two disciplines instead. A student who does not maintain a CAP of 3.75 in modules contributing to the original degree, and a CAP of 3.25 for the second degree for any two consecutive semesters will be required to withdraw from the DDP by withdrawing from the second degree programme. Modular Credits completed in the double degree programme will be counted towards the fulfilment of the degree requirements of their single degree, subject to the normal limits of the Faculty curriculum. 

Double Degree Programme Requirements

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