06 September 2016 Department of Computer Science , Faculty


06 September 2016 – Professor Peh Li-Shiuan has returned to Singapore under the NRF Returning Singaporean Scientists Scheme to join the National University of Singapore as a Provost Chair Professor in the Department of Computer Science. 

She received her PhD from Stanford University in 2001, was a faculty member at Princeton University, then joined MIT in 2008 where she was a full professor.

Professor Peh has demonstrated leadership in various fields including low-power interconnection networks, on-chip networks and parallel computer architectures, where she has made significant contributions. As an example, the power modelling tool she developed has been widely used in academia and industry (e.g., AMD, Freescale, IBM, Intel, Oracle, HP). More recently, she has looked at developing technologies that span low level circuits and devices to high level systems to enable the next-generation smart cities.

Professor Peh's research has been internationally recognized through numerous awards. Her papers have been recognized as best papers in international conferences as well as top picks in IEEE Micro. She was also a recipient of the CRA Anita Borg Early Career Award in 2007, Sloan Research Fellowship in 2006, and the NSF CAREER award in 2003.

Professor Peh has put in place a very exciting research agenda. She will tackle the pressing challenges brought about by urbanisation:

With population in cities growing rapidly around the world, how can technology be harnessed to improve the way people live and move every day?

Her vision of the future is one where humans and devices are closely interconnected, and her research will push the envelope of what industry has coined the Internet of Things (IoTs). With her prior research contributions spanning from low-power chip design to user trials of smart cities applications, she will provide research leadership towards this vision, which is especially well aligned with NUS and Singapore's smart nation intiatives.