11 November 2016 Department of Computer Science , Faculty


11 November 2016 - Assistant Professor Bryan Low has been appointed World Economic Forum Global Future Council Fellow for The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics.

The Council explores how developments in AI and robotics will impact industry, governments and society, and design governance models that maximize their benefits and minimize the associated risks. Positions on the Council are reserved for the foremost thought leaders from academia and industry to develop new insights and perspectives on key global systems that will positively impact decision-making processes worldwide.

Photograph 3Dr. Bryan Low (rightmost) with his fellow members of The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Dr. Low said, “Through this appointment, I will be able to interact and build connections with some of the top think tanks in both academia and industry in the field of AI. I will also be able to share my perspectives on how our societal needs and trends can shape and synergize our ongoing research efforts and vice versa, and learn from other field experts.”

He noted that there are increasing numbers of students interested in AI and hopes to teach them to be principled and rigorous in thinking about and using AI to solve real-world problems. Dr. Low also said that his guiding principle in research is that it should address the practical needs of Singaporean society to improve overall quality of life. But for AI to be able to bring these benefits to fruition, he said it would be necessary to integrate various state-of-the-art components such as AI planning, machine learning, natural language processing and human-robot interaction to build a holistic system.