13 October 2016 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , Security


13 October 2016 - The Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium (SGCSC) was recently launched at NUS to promote greater awareness and application of cybersecurity technologies among the public, security professionals and researchers.

This comes as Singapore and the rest of the world become more connected and reliant on software and information technology infrastructure, making the need to respond to cybersecurity threats increasingly urgent. The consortium is headed by Professor Abhik Roychoudhury, whose research interests include the use of program analysis for finding vulnerabilities.

Prof. Abhik says, “The consortium seeks to bridge the gap between state-of-the-practice and state-of-the-art cutting edge research in the area of cybersecurity, as well as in other areas which can benefit from advances in cybersecurity such as the software sector and financial technologies.” He also hopes that the training, professional engagement and research collaborations offered by SGCSC will lower the entry barrier for companies to adopt relevant security technologies and also establish a vibrant community of professionals generating novel ideas and technologies to further the field of cybersecurity.

SGCSC will utilise the National Cybersecurity Lab infrastructure at NUS funded by the National Research Foundation. Founding members comprising 14 industry partners will be able to access a range of activities such as technology talks, annual cybersecurity camps, short certification courses and seed grants for collaboration in security and privacy issues.