11 November 2016 Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty


11 November 2016 - NUS Computing donated 53 computers to a school in Cambodia in July this year. The PCs arrived in mid-August at The Methodist School of Cambodia in Phnom Penh and were set up in September, in preparation for the new academic year which began in October.

Five of the computers were assigned to the school’s kindergarten department to assist with teaching and administration. Three were distributed to the staff rooms, and the rest were installed in the school’s computer lab to be used by more than 800 primary, secondary and high school students. The students have computer lessons once a week where they are able to use the computers. During the school holidays, teachers will also use these computers to learn how to use Microsoft Office programs.

Principal Benjamin Lee said that before the arrival of these computers, the school were using computers that had been donated many years ago. They were breaking down and it was expensive to repair them due to a shortage of parts. He added, “As we are living in a technological age, it is important that our students are able to learn IT skills that will be relevant for them in the future.”