12 May 2015 - A geo-tracking technology developed by COSMIC (Centre of Social Media Innovations for Communities) called the Method for Real-Time Error-Bounded and Delay-Bounded Map Matching has been licensed by start-up Sypher Labs, their industry collaborator.

There are currently various GPS devices available that collect location information. However GPS points are often not street-level accurate, which is required for advanced applications involved in fleet management. Sypher Labs will be developing COSMIC’s technology into a new service, called TRu-AIM (trajectory rectification using algorithm-based improved map matching) to enhance their ability to help logistics SMEs operate with optimum efficiency and maximum productivity.

The novel COSMIC algorithm underlying TRu-AIM provides a unique combination of both trajectory precision and observation speed. Based on statistical path analysis, the algorithm allows routes from collected GPS points to be accurately matched to the corresponding roads. This is done in real-time, so operation managers have full situational awareness. TRu-AIM will be incorporated into Sypher Labs’ existing solution, VersaFleet, which is a cloud-hosted portal that helps fleet operators effectively manage their operations. When fully developed, TRu-AIM will provide trajectory data-filtering to improve the accuracy of map-matching trajectory data and accuracy of GPS route tracking by up to 80%.

“With precise vehicle route histories, fleet owners will benefit from data analytics on their operations. For example, they can now calculate 'revenue per kilometre' for each vehicle. This helps them make better business decisions and sets the ground for possibilities, like insurance premiums on a per kilometre basis. Tracking accuracy with GPS alone is limited because it is not sustainable to poll vehicle location data more frequently than 5-second intervals. With TRu-AIM, we won't have to, and we can optimise the quality of our location datasets in real time. Sypher Labs aims to commercialise this NUS technology and have it market ready within the next three months,” said Shamir Rahim, CEO and founder Sypher Labs, and NUS alumnus.

“I first met up with Shamir during a networking event organised by the NUS Industry Liaison Office in 2012. We found that our research in map matching was relevant for Sypher Labs. This year, one of my PhD students, Wang Guanfeng, extended his work on map matching and we immediately thought of Sypher Labs, as a commercialisation partner. It is indeed rewarding to see our research, which would otherwise just remain unexploited in the lab, being brought to market,” said COSMIC’s Co-Director, Associate Professor Roger Zimmerman, from NUS School of Computing.

COSMIC is an MDA-funded international research centre under the Interactive Digital Media Institute and NUS School of Computing.

Written and prepared by Chan Yiu Lin and Shamir Rahim. Edited by Toh Tien-Yi.


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