05 November 2015 - Dr. Darren Carlson and his collaborators won the Best Demo Award at the 5th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2015) that was held in Seoul, South Korea, in late October.

The demo, entitled ‘A Visual Design Toolset for Drag-and-drop Smart Space Configuration’, was presented by Dr. Carlson and fellow NUS Computing researchers Max Pagel and Shivam Verma from the Felicitous Computing Institute.

Their project, Ambient Dynamix, ‘enables mobile apps and Web apps to fluidly interact with the physical world through advanced sensing, control and actuation plug-ins that can be installed into the user’s device on-demand.

A Dynamix-enabled device can also serve as a gateway between mutually incompatible smart devices that are situated in the user’s environment.’ According to the researchers, in this work, they present “a complementary set  of novel  smart  space  design  tools, which enable non-programmers to visually ”remix” their ambient environments  in new,  playful  and potentially  unforeseen  ways using  an  intuitive  flow-graph model.” 

The demo augmented their full paper ‘Ambient Flow: A Visual Approach for Remixing the Internet of Things’, which was also presented at the conference. 

The International Conference on the Internet of Things is the premier avenue for researchers and practitioners of IoT to discover and discuss the latest research and innovations in IoT.