5 August 2015 – Team Singapore, coached by Dr. Steven Halim and Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck, won one silver medal and three bronze medals at the 27th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) that was held from 26 July to 2 August, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

A total of 322 contestants from 83 countries participated in the competitive programming competition, during which they spent two days solving a set of informatics problems. IOI serves not only to encourage interest in informatics and information technology, but also to provide an avenue for these outstanding secondary school students from across the globe to gather and gain valuable scientific and cultural experiences.

Silver medallist Jacob Teo Por Loong is currently in Secondary 3 at NUS High School of Math and Science (NUSH). Feng Jiahai (JC1, Raffles Institution; RI), Howe Choong Yin (JC2, NUSH) and Pang Wen Yuen (Sec 4, RI), won bronze medals. Dr. Steven Halim attributed Singapore team's continuous success at IOI to IOI alumni trainers, Hubert Teo Hua Xian (1 Silver, 1 Bronze) and Wu Xinyu (Singapore’s first female IOI contestant), who continued the tradition of ‘giving back to the next generation’ by spending all of June and July 2015 training the four members of Team Singapore 2015.

“While there is a drop in overall performance this year compared to last year’s high of two gold medals and one silver medal, we should take note that three of this year’s four team members are still very young and may still compete in IOI 2016, 2017, and 2018. Therefore the future is bright for this young team,” said Dr. Halim.

Dr. Halim added that, “Singapore has obtained a lot of good results in IOI, especially recently, and it is now the time to give back to the worldwide community. Writing the Competitive Programming book that is read by many of IOI contestants is one way of giving back. Hosting joint trainings with Malaysia and Philippine team last June 2015 is another way. We were very pleased when the International Committee announced that Singapore won the bid to host IOI 2020. It is now a 5-year project to prepare, not just for the event in 2020, but also to spread the joy of competitive programming to young contestants in Singapore, and the region, who are probably still studying in elementary school today, so that they can be ready to compete in IOI 2020 in Singapore in five years.”

NB: For Singapore, those who may be eligible to compete in IOI 2020 in SG will only be Primary 4 – Secondary 1 students today.