17 November 2015 – NUS Computing students have won the 2015 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Jakarta Regional, making NUS Computing champion of the event for a third year running.

Team RRwatameda, comprising Computer Science students Nguyen Thanh Trung (Master’s), Nguyen Tan Sy Nguyen (Year 4) and Nguyen Hung Tam (Year 3), represented the school at the regional contest, which was held 7-9 November at Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Often at the finish, the top teams have solved the same number of problems and are ranked based on their problem-solving speed. This time, Team RRwatameda managed the rare feat of winning the competition by a two-point margin, solving two problems more than the runner up. The team was already leading the five-hour contest at the fourth hour, and managed to solve their last difficult problem just two minutes before the contest ended.

They solved a total of nine of the 12 problems presented and, according to head coach of the NUS ACM ICPC teams Dr. Steven Halim, the local judges intentionally designed a more challenging set of problems to make it more difficult for teams to achieve a ‘clean-sweep’ of all the problems, as NUS Computing’s Team ThanQ+ did in last year’s contest. “This team is very promising in terms of getting even better results in the ACM ICPC World Finals which will be held in Phuket, Thailand in May”, he added.

In early December, NUS Computing will also be hosting teams from all across the region for the 2015 ACM ICPC Singapore Regional. Singapore last hosted this contest in 2007. NUS Computing’s current ACM ICPC endeavours are sustained with the help of Garena’s generous support and sponsorships.



NUS ACM ICPC coaches and teams RRwatameda and HalimArmyPlatoon1