17 November 2016 - Computer Science PhD student Luu The Loi has been awarded the 2016 Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide him with a 3-month visiting research opportunity to conduct research at a top international research institute, under the guidance of an experienced researcher.

Established in 1999, the MSRA Fellowship has been awarded to outstanding PhD students in the Asia-Pacific region majoring in computer science, electrical engineering, information science and applied mathematics. It allows these students to realize their potential in computer science-related research. This year, ten PhD candidates, including Loi, were awarded the Fellowship and invited to attend the award ceremony at Yonsei University in Seoul on 3 November 2016. The ceremony was one of the key sessions of the 18th Computing in the 21st Century Conference, during which awardees met with distinguished scientists from around the world.

Loi said, “Now that I am part of the MSRA family, I will be able to meet outstanding researchers and peers, learn from them and seek out ideas and future collaborations. I am looking forward to the internship as I will be able to work with top MSRA researchers and know how things work in a top research lab.” Loi is currently working on cryptocurrencies and distributed consensus algorithms for his PhD program. One of his projects involves building secure and scalable cryptocurrencies, which are Bitcoin-like currencies that can process as many transactions as Paypal. He is also conducting research on finding security bugs and building new applications for smart contracts in decentralized environments.