23 November 2016 - The 9th SoC Term Project Showcase (STePS) was held at COM1-Level 2 on 11 November from 6 pm to 10 pm. The event involved some 118 students from five modules showcasing their works as well as 12 students presenting their module independent projects (MIPs) and final year projects (FYPs).

A competition was also held among the teams in each module and about 750 attendees who were present at the event voted for their top three favorite projects in each module.


One of the projects showcased was FitMi, an app that encourages users to exercise. Developed by a team of students enrolled in CS3216 Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets, FitMi features a virtual pet that grows as the user walks, thus motivating him or her to exercise more. The pet’s qualities such as agility, stamina and strength are measured by the number of floors climbed, the length of distance walked and the number of steps taken respectively. These will in turn determine the pet’s success at battles with other virtual pets when users come together, providing an additional impetus to the user to work out.

FitMi demo

Team member Jiang Sheng said, “Unlike traditional fitness apps like Fitbit, FitMi does not simply record users’ activity; rather, it combines the elements of gaming and fitness. In addition, FitMi allows users to set their fitness goals and continues to run even when it is closed, affording the user the convenience of not having to open the app while exercising.” The app was eventually voted the top project in the module.


Students enrolled in CS4350 Game Development Project developed gaming projects based on the themes of Mixed and Virtual Reality Game, as well as Mixed and Virtual Reality Simulation for Training (using Oculus Rift). One of these games is Lost, where the player puts on a Virtual Reality headset and is immersed in an unknown world from which his or her character needs to escape.

One of the game developers Yuanxiang said, “The character will encounter obstacles and will have to solve puzzles to overcome these obstacles to advance. A distinctive feature of this game is that there is a plot that develops as the game progresses and at the end of the game, the player will not only have overcome the obstacles and advanced through the stages but also understood the storyline.” He believed that this strong narrative element is the game’s selling point and said that further iterations of the game could incorporate different endings that will enhance their attraction.

LOST with AnandDr. Anand Bhojan (left) and Lost developers

STePS’s organiser Dr. Anand Bhojan said that the event focused on three aspects: Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment. “STePS motivates students to engage in independent peer-learning through viewing other students’ works. It also links students with industry guests and investors for collaboration, guidance and further development of their products to encourage the establishment of startups among students,” Dr. Anand explained. “Also, unlike a conventional career fair where students visit booths to enquire about vacancies, STePS adopts an inverse approach where HR teams go to the students’ booths and assess them by viewing their work.”