22 March 2017 – Computer Science student Yeo Quan Yang was conferred the IT Youth 2017 award at the Singapore Computer Society IT Leader Awards 2017 Ceremony, held on 10 March.

The annual award recognises the achievements of IT leaders under 26 years old who have developed new infocomm and digital media-based learning resources, services or applications or added value through new features to existing platforms.

The IT Youth 2017 award is a nod to the effort Quan Yang and his team put into NUS Greyhats, a student group that Quan Yang founded in 2013 when he was in his first year in NUS. NUS Greyhats aims to 1) bridge the gap between what is taught in schools and what is expected by the industry; 2) create a community where peers with similar interests can share knowledge and experiences; and 3) provide a platform for students and the industry to interact and communicate.

While NUS Greyhats has been regularly organising workshops and talks on information security for students, Quan Yang is firm that the group remains a work in progress. “We are always evolving in order to improve our events to provide more value to its participants. For example, this year we are looking at collaborating with our counterparts from other universities in organising events of higher quality and impact for students,” he said. He added that NUS Greyhats always tries to improve its recruitment process in order to maintain a pipeline of talent.

Quan Yang completed the the von Neumann programme last December and will be conferred the Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) with Honours (Highest Distinction) with a specialisation in Information Security. Apart from his involvement in NUS Greyhats, Quan Yang actively participated in many other activities that further developed his enthusiasm for computing. He cited his stint at Google Zurich in Switzerland as a humbling and enriching experience that left a deep impression on him. “I got to work with some of the most intelligent people I had ever met and, along the way, learned much from them,” Quan Yang said.

Quan Yang has been offered a job as a security engineer at Apple and is looking forward to working with and learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry. “Computing has always been a hobby,” he said, “I am certain that I will continue to enjoy this hobby for a long time to come.”'

The other two finalists in the running for the award were Computer Science students Lim Guo Hong and Bay Chuan Wei Candiie.