22 December 2017 – Associate Professor Roger Zimmermann recently won the IEEE Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc) Multimedia Communications Technical Committee (MMTC) Best Editor Award.

The award was presented at the 2017 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), held in Singapore from 4 to 8 December this year. A/P Zimmermann, nominated by the publication’s board director and vice-chair, received the award for outstanding service to the MMTC Communications – Review Board.

The MMTC Communications – Review is an online publication by IEEE ComSoc, published bi-monthly, recommends outstanding papers recently published in IEEE MMTC conferences and journals.

As one of 22 MMTC Review Board editors, A/P Zimmermann’s contributions include stimulating research on multimedia communication, encouraging researchers to submit papers to MMTC sponsored publications and conferences, and nominating papers published in IEEE MMTC sponsored publications and conferences for best paper awards.

What made his work stand out, according to A/P Zimmermann, was the timeliness and thoroughness of his manuscript reviews. “Editors select papers they feel are especially novel and impactful, which should be highlighted in the MMTC Communications – Review,” added A/P Zimmermann.

IEEE ComSoc is a leading global community comprised of a diverse group of industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. GLOBECOM is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s conferences dedicated to driving innovation in different aspects of communication.