22 December 2017 – Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo was awarded the Management Information Systems (MIS) Quarterly Outstanding Associate Editor Award 2017.

The award was presented on 10 December this year, during the MIS Quarterly editorial board meeting held during the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2017, in Seoul, South Korea.

A/P Tan, one of two award recipients, received the award for stellar contributions as an associate editor.

“Being appointed as an associate editor for MIS Quarterly is a recognition of my research from the Information Systems discipline. I never expected to receive this award as there are many talented and capable associate editors,” said A/P Tan.

MIS Quarterly is an established peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes leading research in IT-based service development, IT resources management, and the use, impact and economies of information systems. The journal is recognised as the top editorial journal for information systems.

A/P Tan has been associate editor since January 2016, and will serve another term from January 2018. One of 38 associate editors, his role includes recommending papers for a full review and to manage the entire rigorous reviewing process.

“My philosophy of reviewing papers is to take each paper very seriously and to think what is best for the authors. Hence, I seldom repeat what my reviewers have commented, but do my own independent assessment of the paper before reconciling my comments with those from the reviewers,” said A/P Tan.

“I hope to foster a review environment where authors are respected while maintaining a high-quality review standard.”