20 September 2017 – The first Future Economy Scholarship, supported by the Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud (LBKM), was officially launched on Monday, this week, at NUS Computing.

The scholarship is open to Malay and Muslim students studying in NUS Computing, who have excelled academically and are actively involved in their communities or possess strong leadership abilities. It was established to encourage more Malay students advance their digital capabilities.

Khairul Rizqi B Mohd Shariff, Year 4 Computer Science, and Adil Bin Azmoon, Year 2 Computer Engineering, received their scholarship awards during the event. Ismahfaris Bin Ismail, Year 3 Information Systems, was on a student exchange and his mother accepted the award on his behalf.

Guest of Honour Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development, called the scholarship a milestone and an innovative step in meeting the demand for highly skilled and specialised workers in the future.

20170920 LBKM Khairul Rizqi B Mohd ShariffKhairul (left) with his father.

 Scholarship recipient Khairul, who is currently on a 6-month internship, hopes that his scholarship will help him pursue information security certifications and is thankful for all the aid he has received, both financially and personally.

“The school has helped me grow, not just from a technical perspective, but also as a person. I owe my personal growth to my professors whom I constantly seek advice from and who have cheered me on, and lent a listening ear to me.”

“I know many others who don’t have many opportunities and have to stress over their financial situation. Hence when I can do so, I hope to give back financially and to help, so that they can spend more time learning from their friends and professors,” said Khairul.


20170920 LBKM Ismahfaris Bin IsmailIsmahfaris's family members, who collected the award on his behalf.

Ismahfaris first took interest in computing during his National Service with the Singapore Police Force.

“I personally felt that there were certain systems that could be better improved to help serve the needs of police officers and the public. Thus, I hope to one day make a difference in making people’s lives easier through computing,” said Ismahfaris.

Currently on a student exchange in Hong Kong, Ismahfaris said that with the scholarship alleviates the cost of living abroad and allows him to acquire new skills and practices in his overseas university. He also added that receiving the scholarship has motivated him to continue in the field of computing and to inspire others in the Muslim community to consider computing.


20170920 LBKM Adil Bin AzmoonAdil (centre) with his parents.

Year 2 Computer Engineering student Adil, who also captains the NUS Climbing Men’s Team, said the scholarship will allow him to focus on his studies and his passion for climbing without the worry of finances.

“I am delighted that students like me, from a minority community, can get such support. Looking forward, I hope there will be more entering this field and prepare for the new economy,” said Adil. “The IT industry will be of utmost importance in the future, and I’d love to aid in nurturing the next generation.”


About LBKM and the Future Economy Scholarship

LBKM (Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud) is the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Memorial (PMBM) Scholarship Fund, formed in 1965 by 70 Malay/Muslim organisations. The organisation caters to the financial needs of needy Malay and Muslim students, from the Primary to Postgraduate level, by offering bursaries and scholarships.

The organisation donated $45,000 to NUS School of Computing, to fund the Future Economy Scholarship, which will be disbursed annually over the course of three years. Up to three Malay undergraduate students will be awarded the scholarship valued at $5,000.


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