27 February 2017 - In spite of a relatively subdued economy, NUS Computing graduates continue to hold their own in the face of stiff market competition.

In the 2016 MOE Graduate Employment Survey results released last week, the increase in starting salaries for NUS Computing Computer Science (CS) and Information Systems (IS) graduates were the largest across all NUS programmes.

CS graduates commanded a gross monthly salary (mean) of $4385, an increase of more than 12% from the previous year and also the third highest among all NUS fresh graduates. Overall employment rate exceeded 96%. Head of the Department of CS Professor Tan Kian Lee said, “The survey results are encouraging. The high demand for our CS graduates, as suggested by the high employment rate and starting salary of our graduates, indicates that the industry values the rigor of our programme.”

The starting salaries of IS graduates also rose more than 7% to $3969, with overall employment rate at 94%. Associate Professor Hahn Jungpil, head of the Department of IS, said that the IS curriculum emphasizes not only an understanding of the fundamentals of IT but also the cultivation of a mindset that is oriented towards innovation and solution. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the newly designed Industry Internship Programme, which provides them with meaningful industry experiences. Prof. Hahn added that all in all, students are equipped with not only the knowledge demanded by the industry but also the skills that will meet present and future industry needs.

Computer Engineering (CE) graduates also performed very well with a mean gross monthly salary of $3942 and an overall employment rate exceeding 89%.