10 June 2022 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , Research , Feature , Digital Transformation, Platforms & Innovation

Modern-day learners have a wealth of “teachers” to turn to: online books, e-learning courses, YouTube tutorials, and even smartphone apps. If, for instance, you are yearning to lead a more mindful existence and seek everyday calm through the practice of meditation, you might download an app to guide you along.

20 April 2022 CSFEATURES Department of Computer Science , Faculty , Research , Feature , Artificial Intelligence

As COVID crept across the world, confining people to their homes and chaining them to their desks — for work, school, and play — Zhao Shengdong was no exception. Involved in class after online class, the associate professor at NUS Computing and his PhD student Ashwin Ram soon began to wonder: What can we do to enhance the online learning experience? Instead of a static setting, could people learn dynamically on-the-go instead?