02 June 2020 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , Research , News Media , Security

New research by a team of NUS Computing professors is promising to restore privacy to individuals by making their online images unrecognisable to even the most advanced facial recognition technologies.

Led by Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Dean of NUS Computing, the research team from NUS Computer Science has developed a technique that safeguards sensitive information in photos by making subtle changes that are almost imperceptible to humans, but render selected features undetectable by known algorithms.

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01 June 2020 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media , Security

Full-time National Servicemen (NSF) who are cyber specialists can now take modules from NUS Computing’s Information Security programme, after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for a new Work-Learn Programme by Dean Mohan Kankanhalli and Defence Cyber Chief Brigadier-General Mark Tan.

The academic credits earned in the programme can be counted towards a full degree.

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13 May 2020 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , News Media

According to a recent Fitch Solutions report, the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to lower levels of funding for fintech startups in the months ahead. This may start a trend of fintech startups being acquired by large corporate and tech companies.

Associate Professor Keith Carter discussed how these acquisitions can benefit both parties.

The Business Times, 12 May 2020