15 April 2017 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media

In an interview with Frontline, a Channel 8 current affairs programme, Associate Professor Chan Mun Choon said that the 3G network can support higher traffic than the 2G network. He added that in order to ensure faster Internet speeds, there is a need to phase out the 2G network in favour of the 3G and 4G network. Prof. Chan said that there are two main groups of people who are still using the 2G network - the elderly, who have little interest in using the Internet and primarily use their phones to make calls; and foreign workers, who may prefer to save money by using 2G phones instead of smartphones. He also added that some equipment may also still be using the 2G network, such as wireless cash register and monitoring equipment at construction sites.

Channel 8 News, 15 April 2017