13 October 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , News Media

When Roya Mahboob began paying her staff and freelancers in Afghanistan in bitcoin nearly 10 years ago, little did she know that for some of these women the digital currency would be their ticket out of the country after the fall of Kabul in August.

Reuters, 11 October 2021

16 August 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , News Media

Recently, video game Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis game company in Vietnam attracted many players around the world with a model of both playing and making money with NFTs. At one point, the total capitalization of AXS, the game's token, reached $2.4 billion. However, the CEO of the company has denied calling himself a dollar billionaire because the token's capitalization is different from the total capitalization of the company.

Associate Professor Keith Carter thinks that the valuation of the company and the game's token is different. "It's not fair to say that it's just a video game company, so just value it as you would for 30-year-old game companies like Blitzard or Activision," he said.

Thanh Nien, 15 August 2021

09 August 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media , Security

Twenty-six-year-old Cherlynn Cha, born and raised in Singapore, thought cybersecurity was "so cool" as a teenager. "The good guys get the bad guys," she said, "or help each other using cool, cutting-edge technology."

Cha attended the National University of Singapore and studied computer science with a focus in cybersecurity, where she learned "the theory behind all of the things we take for granted." She first got a security job in a consulting firm, where she worked in identity and access management, then she worked at a bank, as a security operations center analyst before landing her current job, as a "threat hunter" at ExpressVPN.

Tech Republic, 9 August 2021