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(A) Information Required when Submitting Module Mapping Requests

Students are required to look at the partner universities' updated syllabus when completing their module mappings. Some universities do not publish the module information on their website, so you are to take the initiative to drop an email to the coordinator in-charge of the module to ask for the descriptions. Students are to look through the syllabus and gauge for themselves if there is at least 70% similarity before submitting the mapping request so that it is a quality request. Students who do not make an effort in mapping will get their mappings rejected.

Please ensure that you include these information in your module mapping request(s):

- Module components

- Mode of assessments and it’s corresponding weightage

- Detailed Module Synopsis

- URL link to the module information (Please do not use URL link to the entire course catalogue from the partner university)

(B) Things to Take Note Of:

1) Please submit your module mapping requests AFTER you have accepted the SEP offer to the partner university.

2) Module mappings are to be submitting via the module mapping worksheet in EduRec. Before submitting any requests, please refer to the user guide for students, which is available at the Student Portal (Navigation: Quick Links > myEduRec > Other Functions > Submission of Module Mappings for External Study Program).

3) When submitting your module mapping request(s), please ensure accuracy in the submission. These include your partner university’s name and modules’ information. Otherwise, it will be rejected and result to delay in your application for SEP.

4) Please be reminded that incomplete module information will result in inability to map modules as the decision is made based on the information of the module provided.

5) For mapping of SoC Modules, students are to find an actual NUS module for mapping (please refer to (A)). A dummy code will only be issued by the approving authority for an approved module if there are no similar modules from NUS to be mapped to. Students are not allowed to request mapping to dummy codes. Mapping requests to dummy codes will be rejected.

6) You have to ensure that you met the respective pre-requisites for the modules that you intend to map over.

7) You should ensure that mapping is approved before you register for the overseas module(s) especially if credit transfer is imperative. Otherwise you might run the risk of not being able to transfer any credits back if the mapping is not approved.

8) While there is no deadline for submitting mapping requests, please be informed that mapping decisions made are final. Students are not allowed to appeal against academic judgement.

9) Please don't send to other faculty coordinator on your own as each faculty has its own SEP coordinator who will liaise with the respective faculty coordinator for mapping approval.

(C) Processing Time

Please note that module mappings take at least 2 weeks or more for processing. You are to seek approval for mappings before you embark on your exchange. All mapping requests received after your exchange will be rejected.

(D) Modules precluded from Module Mapping

Do note that module mappings are strictly not approved if they are:

- Distance learning courses

- Modules without letter grading (i.e.: with pass/fail grading only)

- Partner Universities that uses European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS): Modules bearing 3 ECTS and below

IS students: IS2103, IS3102
BZA: BT3101, IS4240
SOC students (Including CEG students): ITXXXX modules. 

Level 5000 and 6000 modules hosted by Department of Information Systems and Analytics 

Modules hosted by FASS:

Mapping of General Education Curriculum:

Students admitted from AY2015/16 onwards are not allowed to read modules from the overseas/Partner University while on the above Programmes, and use them as GEMs to fulfil the GE requirement.

Students admitted from AY2021/22 onwards who have been granted transfer credits from Student Exchange Programmes towards a module that satisfies a GE pillar, will be granted exemption from the GE pillar and will be considered to have fulfilled the GE pillar.
Please refer to here for more information.

(E) SOC Pre Approved Module Mappings

You can view SOC pre-approved module mapping list from Education Records System (EduRec).

Please note this list is only an indicative of the mappable module contents, which may not translate to equivalent modular credits to NUS module based on NUS MC Exchange Credit Ratio. In the event, that the mapped module does not bear the equivalence, the School reserves the right for MC adjustment via dummy coded modules at appropriate modular credits during the credit transfer process.

(F) For students going for Summer/Winter Programmes, SEP, SUSEP and NOC in AY2019/2020 onwards

Please submit your module mapping requests (core, electives, ULR or UEMs) via the online Module Mapping Worksheet.

You have to log in to NUS  Education Records System (EduRec) to complete your worksheet. (Navigation path: Self Service > External Study > Module Mapping Worksheet).

Please ensure that you read the Student Guide available on EduRec before submitting your mapping requests.


1. You can only start to submit your module mapping requests AFTER you have accepted the SEP offer to the partner university on NUS  Education Records System (EduRec).

2. For mapping of Business modules:

For business module mapping procedure, please refer: Student Exchange & Summer Programme FAQs. If the PU module is not on found in the Module Mappings Master List, please download the form from here and submit it to Ms Jessie Toh for processing. You can cc copy Ms Diana Wong if you wish. Please ensure that you complete all information required in the form and save one word document per module mapping for evaluation. Do take note that module mapping(s) will be rejected due to insuffficent information provided. After receiving the email approval from Business School, you need to submit the same module mapping request(s) onto EduRec again for final approval and facilate the credit transfer process later on.

3. Please be reminded that SoC will neither approve nor endorse any module mapping requests for online programmes/modules.


(G) Credit Transfer upon Return from Exchange Programmes

 You have to read the modules as GRADED in the partner universities in order to have the appropriate credits transferred to your NUS modules. Only modules that are graded in the partner universities can be credited. Pass / Fail options will not be considered. These include modules that only have Pass or Fail grading or students have exercised the option to declare Pass/Fail grade to be reflected on the transcript.

Credit transfer will be processed based on the approved module mappings received. Therefore, it is important that you complete your module mapping requests before you return from SEP. Please be reminded that appropriate adjustment will be tabulated based on NUS MC Exchange Credit Ratio.

To request for credits transfer for credits earned from the exchange, students must submit an official transcript from the partner university, reflecting the passing letter grades/marks according to the host university's grading system.

If you do not receive your official transcript* within 2 months after coming back from SEP, you are required to check with the partner university on the status of your transcript. The transfer credits can be effected upon receipt of the official transcript from you.

*Note: If you had attended SEP at a university whose language medium is not in English, please request for an English translated copy from the partner university .

(H) Advanced Placement Credit Request (For Freshmen Only)

Advanced placement credits (APCs) or exemption may be granted for NUS modules taken and passed prior to admission to the University, for modules completed at another tertiary institution recognised by the University towards a degree requirement. We do not grant advance placement credits for AP tests.

You must be matriculated as a NUS Freshman in order to request for any APCs. Please refer to point A(A) Information Required when Submitting Module Mapping Requests to propose APC request. Please download the form from here and submit it to SoC for processing (Attn: Ms Diana Wong) no later than week one of your first semester in NUS.


Please send to Ms Diana Wong at