Only approved summer/winter programmes done with approved partner universities which are either organised by GRO or faculty level may be considered for credit transfers.

For year 2021, Students may apply for module mapping and transfer a maximum of 8 MCs and this is applicable only to electronic summer programmes 2021. Please note that a maximum of 8MCs can be transfered from online programmes during a student's candidature.

Do note that BT/CS/IS/IT-coded modules offered by SoC cannot be mapped from these e-summer programmes.

NUS will not impose Special Term fees on students who participate in up to two summer or winter programmes during their three/four years of study in NUS for up to a maximum of 12-MC credit transfer.

From AY2018/2019 onwards, students may map up to a maximum of 10 MCs for each Summer Programme (in Person) and up to a maximum of 5 MCs for each Winter Programme (in person).

Students who have exceeded the 12MCs and still wish to transfer credits may do so by paying Special Term fees. Please refer to for the fees.

Below are some examples where special term fees are applicable or not:

1. Student attempted 2 Summer Programmes and wish to map 12 MCs, no fees is required.

2. Student attempted 2 Summer Programmes and wish to map 18MCs, fees is required for 6MCs.

3. Student attempted 3 Summer Programmes and wish to map 12 MCs, fees is required for the module that is transferred under the 3rd Summer Programme.