Before AY2000/2001


The gold medal is for the best graduate throughout the course of study for the Bachelor of Science (Computer and Information Sciences) degree.

Defence Science & Technology Agency Gold Medal And Prize

2011-12 Lim Wei Yang 
2010-11 Chua Lu Sien 
2009-10 Koo Kee Kiat
2008-09 Chen Wen
2007-08 Yeo Lay Lan
2006-07 Deepa Ramanathan
2005-06 Zhang Wenjie
2004-05 Rameez Ansar
2003-04 Singh Shreyan
2002-03 Toh Tze Ern,Roland
2002-03 Xu Wen Min
2001-02 Goh Tze Wei,Benjamin