2nd Majors offered by NUS Computing



A Double Major is a single degree programme, in which a student satisfies the requirements of two Majors. It is conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities by pursuing a second Major alongside their primary Major. The Second Major affords a significant degree of depth, although its MC requirement is set below that of the Major. The Second Major is a non-Honours major. It may be taken in the same faculty that offers the Major or from a different Faculty. A Second Major consist of at least 48 MCs.

For students admitted prior to AY2014/15:

  • up to 8 MCs can be counted also towards the Faculty/Major/Minor requirements; and
  • at least 16 MCs must be at Level 3000.

For students admitted from AY2014/15 onwards:

  • up to 16 MCs can be counted also towards the Faculty/Major/Minor requirements; and
  • at least 16 MCs must be at Level 3000.


The requirements of a Double Major are as follows:

(A) University Level Requirements

Students need to satisfy one set of Singapore Studies (SS) and General Education (GE) requirements only. The prevailing rules relating to satisfying GE requirements in the different subject groups apply. For cohorts before 2015-16, students will be required to take breadth modules in the University Level Requirements, but modules in the second major from outside the Faculty/School of the primary major can be counted towards these requirements.

(B) Faculty Requirements

Students need to fulfill the faculty requirements of the primary major.

(C) Major Requirements

Students are required to completely fulfill all the requirements of the primary major and the second major.

Students may not need to take Unrestricted Elective (UE) Modules if the ULR and two majors add up to 160MCs or more. USP students must satisfy the prevailing USP requirements. Advanced Modules can only be drawn from the primary major. The prevailing rules/policy concerning S/U modules will apply for Double Major students.

(D) Computation of Cumulative Average Points (CAP)

Since students will graduate with only one degree under Double Major Programmes, there will be a common CAP for both majors.

(E) Minimum MC Requirements for Double Majors

The minimum MC requirements for Double Majors are as follows:

Single Degree, Double Major ProgrammesMinimum MC requirement
With Honours 160
Without Honours 120

If the above minimum requirements are achieved, it would be possible to complete a Double Major with Honours in one subject within four years. The actual total MCs will depend on the requirements of the second major.

(F) Residency Requirement

The residency requirement is 50% of the minimum required MCs for the Double Major programme or 80 MCs, whichever is the higher.

(G) Maximum Period of Candidature

The maximum period of candidature for a Double Major is the same as that for a single major under the same degree.

(H) Awards

A Double Major student will only be eligible for award of medals and prizes associated with the primary major unless the medal/prize is to be awarded for best performance in a module. The second major will only be mentioned in the transcript and not on the degree scroll.


Direct admissions into Double Major Programmes during admission exercise

Applicants applying for either the Business Analytics or Information Systems course can apply to do an Economics double major from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with the NUS Office of Admissions during the regular admission exercise. For details on Economics second major programme, please refer to: http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/ecs/undergraduate/second_major.html


In-Progress Admissions into Double Major Programmes offered by other Faculties

(A) Double Majors offered by the School of Business

SoC students who are interested in doing a double major programme from the School of Business in either Management or Management (Technology) may visit the following Business School pages for details :



Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by their home faculty as well as the host faculty.
Enquiries could be directed as follows:

For Management major programme queries, please email: mailto:mgtmajor@nus.edu.sg

For Management(Technology) major programme queries, please email: mailto:mgt_tec_major@nus.edu.sg


(B) Double Majors offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

SoC students can refer to: http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/special-programmes/double-major.html for details.


(C) Double Majors offered by the Faculty of Science

SoC students can refer to: http://www.science.nus.edu.sg/undergraduate-studies/ugprog/second-majors for details.


(D) Double Major offered by the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

SoC students can refer to: https://sph.nus.edu.sg/education/ph-2ndmajor/ for details on second major in Public Health.